We're innovative geeks

We’re big softies. Most importantly, each of us care. Trying to solve a large issue and be mindful of every element to be ‘good’ and progressive is no mean feat. In a nutshell we wanted to tackle three causes:

Mental Health – Homelessness – Eco-Innovation


Forward thinking Property-Based Solution

Often we would think we had the answers to solve one element of the problem, then realise later that it contributed to another issue. Back to the drawing board we would go and our research would begin again.

Each member of the team contributes to our More Housing mantra: if you can help, you should. This was our belief when we were just starting out and coming together to discuss our research in cafes and parks. It remains the same today and we’ve found, in the years since our journey began, that it’s attracted many like-minded people who also want to lend their expertise to fight the three causes.

If you’re like us and want to be part of a progressive solution, please contact us. We’re always keen to hear of new thought processes, collaborate with service providers, find out about advances in tech and speak to journalists who want to cover the issue.

Our vision

It makes no sense not to be smart - when energy bills are rising why wouldn’t you consider the materials to ensure the home is functioning in a manner to keep it warm or cool. If you start thinking of the walls of a house like a machine - it needs to work properly. Heat exchanges, air flow, temperature and how all this can be powered, can and have all been questioned.

It’s not a solution if it creates more problems. That is why it has taken us three years to have the result we have now. Homes can be smart and each of our More Housing homes are planet friendly, mental health friendly and eco-innovative.