Future-proofed by eco innovation

Precision engineered and manufactured offsite in collaboration with Integra Buildings Ltd using Category 1 3D Volumetric Modern Methods of Construction, each home in our portfolio is fully sustainable with a low carbon footprint, moving towards net carbon zero, using less energy to run. Meeting required building and government regulations, each of our three homes have been designed to inspire peace. By being highly sensitive to the mental health needs of its future occupants, people can feel safe at home from day one.

Our homes are manufactured from light gauge steel frame and timber studs. Insulated with mineral wool and PIR to form a highly thermal-efficient home. The homes are transported with internal external finishes and services preinstalled from the factory, allowing the homes to be installed and connected to the services on the same day, ready to live in from day one.

With an intuitive floor layout that comes fully furnished to a high spec, More Housing delivers the quality of a permanent home while having the great advantage that they can be cost-effectively relocated to an alternative site in the future.

What's in our homes

As the Government pushes the UK to move towards a carbon-zero future as soon as possible, More Housing has developed each detail with this in mind to future proof the validity of each of our homes.

All-electric design and smart systems throughout, the specification of each home has been considered from every angle to ensure the house is eco-friendly and economical to run once lived in.

Unique fabric system, designed for enhanced thermal performance.

All-electric design with provision for photovoltaic and smart battery storage system to move towards net zero carbon.

Advanced mechanical ventilation with heat recovery system ensures greater energy efficiency. High efficiency air filtration system to prevent damp, condensation and to combat allergies. Each home arrives furnished and ready to begin a new future for someone that needs it.

Stackable design

Our homes are cleverly designed so they can be stacked like a Lego style solution to form a
multi storied apartment building, all at a fraction of the time of a traditional build. Multiple
modules are designed to simply join together.