Future-proofed by
eco innovation

Precision engineered and manufactured offsite under controlled factory conditions using Modern Methods of Construction, each home in our portfolio is fully sustainable with a low carbon footprint, moving towards net carbon zero, using less energy to run.

Compliant with all building and government regulations, each of our three homes have been designed to inspire peace. By being highly sensitive to the mental health needs of its future occupants, people can feel safe at home from day one.

With an intuitive floor layout that comes fully furnished to a high spec, More Housing delivers the quality of a permanent home while having the great advantage that they can be cost-effectively relocated to an alternative site in the future.

The issue: People need homes not lockups.

Using storage units as a solution for homelessness doesn’t work in the long term - they’re designed to hold objects, not people.

As the world places greater emphasis on mental health, decisions need to be made to incorporate that into the longterm solutions for temporary and permanent housing.

Being aware of the regulations and recommendations is key to solving the homelessness crisis with long term results.

From contacting charities and researching for two years, our deep understanding of the homelessness crisis has shaped each of our homes today.

Want to get up to speed quickly? We’ve summed the issue up here

Our Homes

Two Bedroom

The Meadow

One Bedroom

The Parker

Three Bedroom

The Walcott

Choose from our three housing options, they're ready to transform the lives of the people who need them the most.

Installation is seamless as all homes come in completed 3D volumetric modules with all internal and external finishes and services installed.
Stack your chosen options in a Lego-like design and form a multi storied apartment building, all at fraction of the time of a traditional build.

Our Journey

If you think you can solve a problem, you should.

This is the mantra that guides our team at More Housing. We have over 25 years of experience in the property world. This gave us the ability to recognise innovations that were opening up possibilities in the building world to achieve solutions like never before.

Research and design began. Then after three long years and multiple variations our designs were fully tested and ready for use.

Seeing Parker be delivered and installed at BRE Watford was the pinnacle of our hard work so far and yet we know it’s still only the start of our journey.

We're working to empower councils and housing associations to solve the homelessness crisis with quite literally, More Housing. 

Find out about our journey and book your time to view our innovations at BRE.