When moving people into a brand new home it’s a significant life transformation for them.

It’s the chance to begin again and at MORE Housing we want to support our new communities as much as we can to ensure that individuals and families moving into our homes have the best chance to create a positive future for themselves.

Support is given by collaborating with other agencies and organisations and charities to provide, food, clothing and access to work in a dignified manner. Mould is an issue quoted in the media at an ever increasing rate.

With increasing pressure from the government for social housing providers to deliver clean, healthy and safe homes – quite rightly – to their residents, the knowledge that the technology inside every MORE Housing home works to filter the air naturally so that mould and bacteria can’t form or survive is a huge weight off any council procurement officer’s mind.

Great for landlords and council owners

Knowing that the homes ‘breathe for themselves’ and work independently of the occupants is a great long-term stress reliever. Mould is not going to grow, despite an occupant’s actions within it.  The resident doesn’t need to air the home, they simply can rely on the built-in technology to keep the air fresh and clean for life.

Less budget is required in maintaining issues as regular air filter changes will ensure that the SMART electric systems in place will continue to work as planned.

Making an investment into a MORE Housing home/s, whether it’s based on a temporary site and requires being moved, or if they’re stationed in a permanent stack, the longevity of each home means that any investment is protected.

Great for individuals and families

Very often people, even with the best of intentions, can create damp situations within their homes. Whether it’s the hanging up of wet laundry and not opening a window, not turning on extractor fans when cooking to placing far too many belongings against walls, houses just need fresh air filtered and space for heat to disperse and breathe.

Moisture in the air is a consideration that needs to be dealt with in any home. Fortunately, for individuals, couples and families moving into MORE Housing homes, the homes filter the air 24/7, regulating moisture and maintaining correct levels of air quality to ensure healthy living can be achieved.

This is one less aspect of daily life for individuals to worry about, meaning that they can place full emphasis on beginning their lives afresh.

Can councils see that the system is on and being used?

The simple answer to this straight away with no hesitation, is: yes, at any time. The filtration system is designed to work within the SMART innovative design of each MORE Housing home. All homes are created with full electrical design, which are supplemented with power from solar panels. With each piece of technology integrated into the overall use of the home, charging, energy expenditure, security and system use are all monitored by an app which the home owner and provider has full 24/7 access to.

Being fully electric in its design makes each home incredibly cheap to maintain and run. These aspects are some of the many reasons why MORE Housing was approved and accepted into world renowned BRE Innovation Park at their headquarters in Watford.

You can see the country leading innovation that is built into every MORE Housing home for yourself and find out why our homes are eco friendly, planet friendly and mental health friendly. That was our mission when we first started and it’s our guiding principles today.

We believe that the solution to homelessness and temporary housing is quite simply: MORE Housing.

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