Setting the standard to solve the issue.

We’ve taken high-level MMC construction and eco-innovation and matched it with our will to use renewable energy to run smart homes. 
The result?
Each More Housing home has a PMV of 95% from our true offsite manufacturing. 

Why don’t we buy smart houses as we buy smart cars?

When you buy a car you ask about aspects such a fuel consumption, cost of maintenance and eco-innovations amongst other things. Yet with a property purchase, people typically focus more on the act of buying the property, rather than how the house itself functions. Traditional methods of building use many different aspects all coming together to form a property but how does that property work? Is it energy efficient? What is the air quality like?

Using MMC, we can bring together all of the good aspects of smart-home living within the construction of a brand new home as well as ensuring that the build process doesn’t cost the earth at the same time.

Offsite manufacture and modern methods of construction (MMC) means that the design, planning, manufacture and pre-assembly of construction components occurs within a factory environment, prior to installation on site.

Leading the way for the change we wish to see.

We're bringing innovation to the nation

Traditional building sites create noise, dust and pollution with a huge carbon footprint of multiple materials being transported to a site. It’s no secret that the government’s green initiative needs to be considered with the topic of sustainability being brought to the forefront of every company’s agenda.

We need new homes to be created that go beyond fuel efficiency, we need them to be eco-innovative. Each of our homes is energy-efficient with full electric design.

MMC is proven to use up to 67% less energy during the construction process and reduce up to 80% of waste compared to alternative methods. The process of MMC has also been identified as having greater recyclability in comparison to traditional construction methods with each aspect being built to meet the higher standards of sustainability, such as BREEAM.

As we’ve found during our own design process, innovation in this area lead to new solutions being created that can quickly be included within a build. MMC is adaptable to change, and in many ways, flourishes from it. Throughout the construction process modular buildings can be continuously adapted to improve their efficiency, revise the choice of materials and overall boost a site’s ability to reach net zero.