Homelessness and temporary housing needs vary from county to county across the UK.

When we were looking to solve the issue in a planet-friendly manner, one of the aspects that we found during our research and development stage, was the need to be permanent or relocatable. We needed to give counties a choice.

Town planning and the need for space is always going to be an issue. Couple that with changing eco-developments and a higher population creating a greater demand for housing, each county in the UK is going to need to be able to look at their area and figure out how expansion could look within their budgets. Expanding council services to meet the greater population’s need is going to be an important issue and we’ve found it incredibly interesting that the government has turned to Modern Methods of Construction to help meet those needs quickly, sustainably and within budget.

MMC is now used to create larger school halls and extensions to NHS hospitals and has been the sustainable and future focused choice of More Housing right from the start.

Panels of positivity

Each panel of our MMC homes are created with smart materials. High levels of insulation and airtightness ensure a lower energy consumption which results in a reduced carbon footprint and lower living costs. Modern day insulation is often now referred to as ‘fabric systems’. They have been carefully designed for comfortable living and enhanced thermal performance. MMC results in significantly faster delivery, waste reduction and higher quality. It also reduces site overheads and disruption.

This results in a phrase that the government wants to hear: high pre manufactured value.

Pre-Manufactured Value (PMV) shows how much of a construction project’s cost comes from pre-manufactured, precast and offsite solutions. It is a proportion usually expressed as a percentage. If the percentage is high, the project is likely to use a large number of pre-manufactured systems, while a lower percentage signifies a greater reliance on traditional construction methods.

PMV is a useful tool for measuring the extent to which a construction project incorporates efficient, innovative and productive methods – and for evaluating whether increasing these methods might reduce costs and save time.

By examining More Housing’s PMV, we’ve been able to evaluate our chosen construction methods and adapt our eco-innovative methods to ensure that the value is high. Our PMV is 90% it’s extremely high.

Our MMC categories 1 and 2 (volumetric and panelised systems) offer the highest PMV, as they will account for most of the structure being constructed offsite.

We’ve designed them to be able to withstand long distance travelling, weather systems and being moved after being in situ for years. 

So if the need for a new hospital on the land where our More Housing homes were positioned became great, we could arrange for them to be moved with minimal disruption to the people dwelling in the home. Far less logistics for you and a much better spend of your budget long-term.

We wanted every problem to be solvable within our designs – The Parker, The Meadow and The Walcott, now you know they can be relocated and fall well within the government PMV and MMC recommendations. Get in touch and share your temporary housing needs with us and we will formulate some options for you.